Email marketing the right and wrong way

While doing email marketing, you may come across situations when you will have to make decisions about your strategies. Even though there are many black hat email marketing tricks, people still come up with ways to increase business efficiency. It is not necessary to follow those tricks as in doing so, you may damage your credibility in the long run. Success in this email marketing services only requires patience and dedication.

email marketing lists -
Email marketing lists

You should never swap out email addresses of other people and most important of all, avoid sending emails to those people who have not responded to your first email. It is better to use the email marketing list of those individuals who have opted to subscribe to your service. This won’t give you a huge number of customers, but you will be assured of the quality of your viewers. Online Email marketing can help your business grow, but even a slight misstep can cause you to lose your customers forever.
Given below are few tips which can help you do email marketing the right way:

Send emails at the right time: Yes, timing plays a crucial role in effective email advertising. Once a viewer has decided to opt into receive your email, it is better to ask them what time of the day they would prefer receiving their emails. You can even ask them if they would prefer daily, weekly, or monthly emails.

email marketing -
Email marketing

The layout of the email: The layout of your email is very important on how your receivers will take your newsletters. You have to establish a good rapport with your readers using your email. The email has to be interactive as it can get boring if a viewer has to only read what you have written. You can include several feedback options to give your readers an opportunity to give you suggestions and other comments for improvement. People will open an email that has simple and direct content in it. It is better to use HTML rather than plain text, including product photos will help you get your message across.

Maintain confidentiality: The main reason why many people hesitate to involve with email marketing is they are afraid that their personal information may get leaked. You must make sure to include a nondisclosure statement that you will never sell your readers information. This will make them feel at ease and they may even recommend others to you.

email marketing services -
Email marketing services

Given below are certain Don’ts, which you must avoid doing in email marketing:

Don’t get blacklisted: You have to use a spam checker to check if your email passes through common filters or puts you on a spam blacklist. Once you get blacklisted, the credibility goes off and clients may not come back again.

Don’t use JavaScript: This may annoy viewers and it is better to avoid background images.

Don’t fail to include an unsubscribe link: If you do so, you are violating a federal anti spam law. The physical mailing address must be along with your message. A link to your company’s privacy policy can be attached.

Email marketing must be done the right way otherwise the only sufferer will be you. I hope you have become enlightened after reading the above points.


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