How You Can Make Money Using Alternatives to Google Ad sense?

There is no denying that Google Ad Sense is one of the best ways to make money on the internet. alternatives to google ad sense lets you advertise your business in a perfect manner which provides you with the ability to make good money. However, Google is strict about their usage and many people have not been able to understand that and have made some mistakes and got suspended.

When you think that Google Ad Sense is not meant for you, then you would want to make use of alternatives to google ad sense. In this article, we will see few alternatives to google ad sense, which can help you make money on the internet. But, you will want to keep in mind that Google Ad Sense is a very useful tool to make money.


When you have internet traffic coming from the United States of America and other Northern countries, then you will want to make use of Chitika Premium Ads. The Chitika premium ads is an online advertising tool which enables you to earn money based on the hits that you get. You will like this advertising tool as it appears to visitors whom you want to target.

Supposing the visitor is outside the United States of America or Northern country then he or she will not be able to view the ads. The viewers do not have to see the advertisements which are not related to them anyway. In the first place, they will not be interested in seeing your advertisements.


Another of the alternatives to Google Ad sense is Adbrite. To use Adbrite, you will have to own a website. Apart from that, you need plenty of internet traffic on your website. If you are not getting internet traffic on your website, then you will want to install codes on your website. You might want to learn about search engine optimization and find out how you can promote your website.

alternatives to google ad sense -
Alternatives to google ad sense

When your payment has reached $100, you will receive the check. You can select the advertisements which you feel is ideal for your visitors like in-line text ads, banners, and others.


You can make use of Bidvertiser if you have worked with Google Ad Sense. It is same as Google Ad Sense. However, once you have reached $10, you can cash out and the need to wait for long time is not required. When compared to other advertising tools, where you need to reach $100 before cashing, you can earn quickly using Bidvertiser.

google adsense alternatives -
Google adsense alternatives


When you have blog and need internet traffic for it, then you would want to use Adgitize. This advertising tool is cheaper when compared to other advertising tools. You need to pay $14 to get complete exposure for your blog. As an advertiser on your blog, you earn money. When other advertisers put up ads on your blog, you stand to make money.

google adsense alternatives -
Google adsense alternatives

The above are some of the best Ad sense alternatives. When you feel that you are not making sufficient money on Google Ad Sense, you can always make use of the mentioned advertising tools. You will want to make sure that you start your website with plenty of traffic on it. You can make substantial amount using these Google Ad sense alternatives.


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