A Complete Guide to Google AdWords

Introduction to Google AdWords
Google AdWord needs no introduction as it is one of the most popular search engines in the world. It would come as a big surprise if readers haven’t heard of this search engine in a Complete Guide to Google AdWords. On average, almost 250 million internet users try their hands on Google in a day. Like mentioned before, Google is a search engine through which many internet users can find information on what they are looking for.

According to research Google AdWords has been their main source of revenue since its introduction. The reason for that being, this product offers multiple choice of advertising for companies or individuals who want their websites in top search results. With this product, Google has enabled companies to increase their profits by reaching out to potential customers across the world.

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Complete Guide

In this article or complete guide, we will have a look at Google Adwords, its advantages, and the types of Google Adwords tools. If you are an internet or online marketer, then you would benefit reading Complete Guide to Google AdWords.

Birth of Google AdWords
Google AdWords was born in the year 2003 when Google introduced a program to help those into Pay per Click Advertising (PPC). This program is called as Google AdWords. So, what is PPC first of all? For those of you not familiar with the term PPC, the below information will be useful for you. It is very important to understand the concept of PPC, especially if you are an online marketer before you move on Google AdWords.

Pay per click, like the name sounds the method of online advertising, which is based on the number of clicks for a specific link. Suppose you own a website, then obviously you will want your website to have good traffic. When you have good traffic to your website only your chances of appearing among the top search results is high. So this is what you do, you have to pay a stipulated amount to the search engine when people click on your website.

It can vary according to search engines. Some can charge you up to one dollar per click. However, it is a very cost effective method to generate more website traffic for your website. Speaking in layman terms, when you want some information on the product. Let’s say, for example, you need some information on leather jackets.

So you type in the keywords ‘leather jackets’ and see the results. You might observe few search results on the right of your screen, which are shaded or have a different color. Well, they are called sponsored links. The remaining results are non sponsored or organic results. Sponsored links always stand a good chance of being clicked by internet users than not sponsored.

What Is The Need To Use Google AdWords?
In spite of the benefits of Google AdWords, many online marketers still have the doubt, why should I use Google AdWords. You can’t deny the fact that it takes time before your keywords can get some ranking in search engines. However, it is also true that with Google AdWords, it can be done faster. Here is how it can be done.

Given below are a Complete Guide to Google AdWords. This Complete Guide explain that why you need to use Google AdWords.

Specific according to the need: The best part about Google AdWords is that it is specific. Being an online marketer, you might have some specific audiences to whom you like to market your product to. For example, if you are looking for market to customers in the city of New York, then you would appreciate this feature in Google AdWords. Marketing area wise is very important factor that plays a vital role in your overall success.

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Instant Traffic

Instant traffic: Getting instant traffic is the main idea of online marketing. After all when you get viewed more often, you have a good chance of getting high on the search results and your website traffic improves. You also have the option of using the same keywords in two or more ads after knowing which one has the highest conversion rate.

You can control your cost: Another reason why you might want to use AdWords is that you can control your costs. Google AdWords positioning your ads on the right hand side of the Google results page, which obviously increases your chances of getting clicked by potential customers.

Long-term expansion of your business: With Google AdWords, you can expand your business. Many individuals think that only large corporations benefit from this tool. They are sadly mistaken. Anyone that uses Google AdWords is bound to get exposure with the huge number of internet users.

Reasonable price: Some might argue that Google charges too high at times. So what? When you look at the returns, the price is justified. Try it yourself, type in any keyword on the internet and check the results. The chances of sponsored links being clicked or viewed, by potential customers are very high.

Types Of Google AdWords tool
It is beneficial to know some of the types of Google AdWords tools. Some Google AdWords tools include AdWords accelerator, Adwords analyzer, and others. The best way to find out which Google AdWords tool is beneficial is to find out what each tool can do. Let us have a look at them.

AdWord accelerator: With the clicks per day estimator (CPD) feature, this AdWords tool allows you to build Google AdWords campaigns. However, before you use this tool, you might want to analyze and go through the market. You need to make sure that your markets are not highly competitive. If that is the case, your AdWords campaigns may get choked out.

Especially when you are a new online campaigner, you might want to check this point and then go ahead with your campaign. However, overall this is a powerful tool with its new feature.

AdWords analyzer: This AdWord tool can make your online campaign easier as it can automatically identify keyword phrases that are related to your niche market. This tool can find keywords that have been used during the previous month and also find the number of advertising campaigns currently running for that keyword. You need to know both these crucial factors as based on that you can plan and compete in your market.

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AdWords Analyzer

AdWords generator: This AdWord tool can enable you to create many AdWords ads in a short time. With the help of this AdWord tool, you can upload your ads to your Google Adwords account. Now, time plays a crucial factor in online marketing. If you are an online marketer you might want to take note of this point. Having tools that can help you upload your account can only mean more clicks to your website, which indirectly gets you more income.

Google AdWords editor: This AdWord tool helps to edit your ads and upload it quickly to your AdWords account. Like discussed above, time plays a very important role in online marketing. You need to remember that there are so many online marketers worldwide who are vying for their share of the pie. If you want your share, then you might want to take early action.

PPC web spy: The specialty of this Google AdWords tool is that it combines the spy functionality of other tools to make your affiliate link appear on the top results for related searches on Google.

Here is a piece of advice in Complete Guide, you might want to take some time before deciding on the AdWord tool you want to use for your online marketing campaign. But from the above it is quite obvious that each tool has its own plus point. This can make it difficult for you to decide on the tool that you want to implement. The overall idea is to generate more traffic presence, and the above tools can help you do that.

From the above article or complete guide, it becomes quite obvious that Google Adwords is here to stay. It had been a boon for many online marketers all through these years as it has benefited them. If you are an online marketer, then you can utilize this wonderful tool and increase your online marketing presence.


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